Our school community and students greatly appreciate your support and generosity.  We accept general tax-deductible donations, as well as donations to fund scholarships for our students through the Georgia Student Scholarship Organization Tax Credit Program. 

General donations

Friendship Forest Academy is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We depend on the generosity of our donors to operate the school and to promote our mission to the broader community.  Please click the link below to make a donation through PayPal. You may also donate by mailing a check to the school. Your donation is tax deductible. 

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Georgia scholarship tax credit program

Friendship Forest Academy participates in the Georgia Tax Credit for Private Schools program.  Individual Georgia residents and C-corporations receive a full tax credit for the maximum allowable donation to our school through our partner student scholarship organization, Apogee Scholarship Fund.

Donors receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on their state income taxes, as well as a charitable deduction on their federal return.  This means that donors are essentially redirecting a portion of their tax liability (money they already owe) to our school.

Your donation to this fund provides crucial tuition assistance to new and existing students. We greatly appreciate your support. Simply click the button below and choose Friendship Forest Academy as the recipient.

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